Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introductory Module

    • Welcome

    • Introductory Module

    • Course Content

    • Your Leadership Journey

    • Exercise 1 – What I want to achieve

    • Exercise 2 - My Leadership Journey

    • Introductory Module Feedback

  • 2

    Module 1 – How well do you know your stakeholder?

    • Lesson 1 – Appreciative Inquiry

    • Lesson 2 – Understanding your stakeholder

    • Exercise 1 – What is working well already?

    • Exercise 2 – Stakeholder Analysis

    • Exercise 3 – Stakeholder review and action

    • Module 1 Feedback

  • 3

    Module 2 – What are you bringing to the table?

    • Lesson 1 – How helpful is your mindset?

    • Lesson 2 – Are you owning your strengths?

    • Lesson 3 – What strengths are you overlooking?

    • Lesson 4 – Are you leveraging off your core values?

    • Lesson 5 - Getting feedback on your strengths

    • Exercise 1 - Fixed vs Growth Mindset

    • Exercise 2 - My Strengths

    • Exercise 3 - Overlooked Strengths

    • Exercise 4 - My Core Values

    • Exercise 5 - Getting Feedback on My Strengths

    • Module 2 Feedback

  • 4

    Module 3 – Proven principles of influence

    • Lesson 1 – Integrity wins the day

    • Lesson 2 – Principles of Influence

    • Exercise 1 - How to Influence with Integrity

    • Exercise 2 - Self-assessment on Influencing Principles

    • Module 3 Feedback

  • 5

    Module 4 – Understanding and influencing different personality types

    • Lesson 1 – Introduction to MBTI

    • Lesson 2 – How to understand and influence the Introverts versus Extraverts

    • Lesson 3 – How to understand and influence the Sensing versus Intuitive types

    • Lesson 4 – How to understand and influence the Thinking versus Feeling types

    • Lesson 5 – How to understand and influence the Judging versus Perceiving types

    • Exercise 1 - Handedness Exercise

    • Exercises 2 - 5 Preferences

    • Exercise 6 - Review influencing personality preferences

    • Module 4 - Feedback

  • 6

    Module 5 – Relationship and communication keys for effective influencing

    • Lesson 1 – The six relationship enhancing keys

    • Lesson 2 – The six communication enhancing keys

    • Exercise 1 - Relationship Enhancers

    • Exercise 2 - Communication Enhancers

    • Exercise 3 - Effective and Assertive Communication. pdf

    • Module 5 - Feedback

  • 7

    Module 6 – How to have Courageous Conversations

    • Lesson 1 – Grow your courageous conversation muscles

    • Lesson 2 – Watch your conclusions

    • Lesson 3 – How to initiate courageous conversations

    • Exercise 1 - Barriers and cost

    • Exercise 2 - Faulty assumptions and conclusions

    • Exercise 3 - How to have a courageous conversation

    • Exercise 4 - Courageous Conversation Plan

    • Module 6 - Feedback

  • 8

    Module 7 – Wrap up

    • Learnings, Insights and Action

    • Congratulations... Next Steps

Struggling to influence your stakeholders as you work more remotely?

You are in the right place! This online course for emerging leaders is available for you to do in your own time and place. The total time for all the lessons is 1h 39m.

But you may be thinking, “But isn’t it really difficult to influence stakeholders, leave alone get their attention, when I have no authority over them?”

You may have questions like:

“How can I get noticed, heard, and respected by the senior management team? 

“How do I win the trust of people I am trying to influence?”

“How do I influence my direct reports and colleagues to get greater buy-in and engagement?”

“How do I choose the right moment and time to influence and not get it wrong?”

“How do I best influence myself?”

Well – the good news is this does not have to be a black hole and a guessing game!  

There are steps you can take that will ensure you get more “Yeses” than “Nos”!  And even if you do not get it right the first time, you will still be in the winning seat in your career and leadership path.

Some background and a bit about my clients

I am Jasbindar Singh.  As a business psychologist and executive coach, I have owned a boutique coaching and consulting practice and, over the years have coached thousands of business managers, and leaders to become more effective, impactful leaders.   

My clients have held diverse roles such as Customer Services Managers to CFOs, Strategy Managers, Team Leaders,  Product Managers, CEOs,  Sales Managers, IT Managers, Branch Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Human Resource Managers, Policy Analysts, Group General Managers,  Lawyers, Entrepreneurs and those in Marketing and Business Development roles.

They have come from diverse industry sectors including  IT, Manufacturing, Travel and Tourism, Local and Central Government, Airlines and Aviation, Telecommunications, Dairy, Health,  FMCG, Refineries,  Power Companies, Banking and Finance,  Construction, and Professional Services firms amongst others. The input I provided helped many of my clients step up and move to bigger and better senior roles.  

At a personal level,  I understand what it takes to be an effective influencer given my introverted nature and the early conditioning as a female growing up in an Indian family.  The dominant message was that we were neither to be seen nor to be heard.  And yet, I ended up in influencing roles as an author, speaker, facilitator, business owner, coach, and consultant.

Why did I develop this course?

Working with senior leaders, over time, I became acutely aware that there was a group of employees who were eager, motivated and keen to develop themselves further but they were not getting the attention they deserved.  

This neglect was compounded by their lack of knowledge and belief systems as to how they could become better influencers. 

Now even more than ever, as we work remotely, we are having to influence our colleagues, direct reports, and other stakeholders without having easy and direct access to them such as the office next door!

All of this led me to create this course.  I tested my assumptions by offering a pilot version of the course to several different groups of emerging managers.   

The response and feedback were heartening and subsequently led me to offer this course to you now. 

This Influencing Skills for Emerging Leaders course includes  8 dynamic step-by-step modules outlined above and expanded upon here:

Introductory Module – Foundations

Start off well. Get clarity on where you are in your career and leadership journey and what you want to achieve. 

Module 1 – Understand you stakeholder needs

Discover the critical questions you need to address to gain their trust and support.

Module 2 – Identify and leverage your strengths

Leverage your strengths to communicate with clarity, confidence, and credibility.

Module 3 – Influence principles

Learn proven principles of influence for win-win outcomes 

Module 4 – Understanding and influencing different personality types

Unpack the different personality types and learn how to build greater rapport, trust, and empathy with each type. 

Module 5 – Effective communication and relationship keys 

Tap into these timeless relationship and communication keys to further grow your relationships.

Module 6 – Courageous conversations

Step out and have those courageous conversations so you can move beyond the bottlenecks and create successful outcomes.

Module 7 - Your influence blueprint 

Create your influence blueprints your identified stakeholder is more likely to say “YES!”.

You will benefit from this course if:

  • You need to influence stakeholders you have no formal authority over
  • You are an emerging manager/leader who wants to communicate and influence your boss more effectively
  • You want to figure out what drives your stakeholders so they can hear your message, even if it isn’t in person
  • You work remotely and need to build a positive relationship with your customers and colleagues quickly
  • You want your ideas to be heard,  taken seriously and to get their rightful airtime on Zoom and in-person meetings
  • You are a team leader who wants to better engage with your team, colleagues and other stakeholders
  • You want to step up in your career and are keen to develop and grow as a person and leader
  • You want to grow your emotional intelligence, including self-awareness and relationship skills.



"Really enjoyed the online course with a mix of prep work and interactive webinar, great hearing from people in a range of positions and industries, and their own struggles with influencing. Jas is a great coach and facilitator and helps to show some clarity in what you are experiencing and how you can overcome challenges. I highly recommend the course."   Mala Keshav, Marketing Manager 

“Being an online course I, was a little bit apprehensive about the situation, but Jasbindar put all of these anxieties to rest for me, creating an inviting environment and encouraging discussion amongst the course participants. A couple of takeaways for me was learning about the influence principles, as well as dealing with courageous conversations. I’ve had to put some of these into practice, and I must say they were much easier to handle this time around after being armed with an arsenal of tools. Thanks for getting my leadership ball rolling Jasbindar.”  Kris Campbell, Customer Services Manager, IT

I really enjoyed the online course - it was great and interesting with the interaction and feedback from the other people as well to see what challenges they have to deal with. There is also a great deal of tools Jasbindar provides (the lectures and other links) that you can apply to your everyday leadership to help you become the best leader you can be. Once again thank you for the great course and tools you provided to help me improve my leadership.  Pieter Nortje, Deputy Crew Chief, Auckland International Airport



Do I get access to everything all at once or do I have to wait?

You will get access to everything at once but it is recommended that you move to the next lesson upon completing the earlier one. 

Do I have to have my coaching session at the end of the course?

It is preferable that you have your coaching session at the end.  However, if for some reason, you feel the need for this mid-way through the course, we will be able to accommodate.

Can I download the slides and all the assignment PDFs?

Yes, you will be able to download the slides and PDFs as you complete each module.

Do I get lifetime access?

You can keep the resources and refer back as needed.



Typically, clients will pay over $1,000 for a coaching and consulting meeting with me.  In this course, you get a one-on-one laser coaching session with me once you have completed all the modules.

But rather than charging my usual rates which would put this course at least $2,000 when you count the content and my time, this course is a reasonable $497.00. 

As a student in this course, you will also get to have a wider influence.  The feedback you will provide at the end of the course will help shape and influence the trajectory of this course.

Payment will be paid BEFORE the course via direct internet payment in the nominated bank or through Stripe or Paypal.

I have built this course because I have personally experienced and seen the consequences of failing to understand the needs, goals, and aspirations of the stakeholder, to not fully leveraging one’s strengths and to not being able to speak up when needed.

I want you to experience success in your career and leadership path

……through understanding your stakeholder needs and leveraging your strengths

...... by feeling more confident in approaching your stakeholder

… having more game-changing courageous conversations and 

….. being recognised as someone who is worthy of being listened to,  respected, and valued for your contribution.

Imagine the new credibility and authority you'll gain from learning new skills and expanding your behavioural repertoire. And imagine the other benefits that can arise from this such as a promotion or financial gain! 

So I hope you'll take the plunge and register for the Influence skills course today so that you can learn how to take steps towards that success. It is over to you now.

See you inside!

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Jasbindar Singh
Organizational Psychologist and Leadership Coach  

Your Online Coach and Partner! 

P.S. Don't wait until "some other time" to discover the keys to influencing success.  Take the first step and apply now to get closer to the future you want!